GianCarlo is an intelligent and hardworking young man with a desire to learn and progress. An excellent and trustworthy addition to any team!
— F.J. DeSanto Owner at MOG Productions, Inc.
GianCarlo has a tenacity to get to the core of ideas, and help others regiment what they need to do with their projects. He is an excellent creative impulse, but knows when to simply push forward and create.
The man for any job.
— Tony Pemberton Director of Film Program at Montclair State University
GianCarlo is a most thoughtful diligent collaborator. Not only does he take the time to understand how to best serve the material but he listens carefully so his reworking of the cut reflected our best vision. He gets the job done with care but most importantly pushes on until he gets it right! What a pleasure. His creative and technical problem solving are a great resource for a team.
— Barbara A. Moss Film & TV Producer, Web Content Creator, Social Media Strategist; Founder,The Women's Film Preservation Fund
GianCarlo was hired by Novell Design Studio, which is a manufacturing company in NJ to film and edit a 4 part series on how we manufacture our product. I recommended my bosses at that time to hire Gian Carlo because I had worked with him in the past and because I knew how motivated, creative and hard worker he is. Gian Carlo completed the job during the time that was allotted for him and we couldn’t have been happier. He captured the most important details without us having to dictate each shot. He was a pleasure to work with and anybody that hires Gian Carlo expect him to give you beyond 100%.
— Pablo Galvez Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at Novell Design Studio
I set out to make a short-film about the struggles one goes though when seeking to yield from substance use. The setting is a long-term residential program for adolescents. Since I only have limited experience shooting video and editing, the help of a professional was needed.

A coworker referred me to GianCarlo. I knew he was the best fit for the project because after I had pitched it to numerous individuals, he was the only one that didn’t think I was out of mind.

Each day on set, he came prepared and worked tirelessly along side the adolescents by actively listening to how they wanted to be portrayed in the film. He has innovative ideas, as well as is a great collaborator. There was not a better person fit for this project. So much so, we will be working on another project with him in a few months. His can-do attitude is infectious!
— Roman Petrocelli, MA, LPC Director at Integrity House